Summer Session: July 9 - August 30, 2018

Click for class schedules, tuition, and registration forms (PDF) 

Fall Session: September 24th – December 22nd 2018

Budding Ballerina & Ballerino, Ages 2–3

Fairies & Fantasy, Ages 3–6

The Young Dancer, Ages 5–7

Classical Young Dancer, Ages 7–12

Odyssey of the Ballet Fairies, Ages 7–12

Ripley-Grier Studios

131 West 72nd Street, between Broadway/Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues. Look for the Purple Door. Check screen for studio listing. Walk-up facility. Limited stroller storage. Folding strollers only, please.  


Valor MMA

2067 Broadway, at West 72nd Street, near Trader Joe's in the Epic Security Bldg, 7th Floor. Use elevator. Folding strollers best, please.


Krav Maga

250 West 100th Street, between Broadway & West End Avenue. After entering the building through the main doors, turn left and walk-up about 10 steps to the 2nd Floor. No elevator. Folding, lightweight strollers best, please, if you must bring one. 




Silver Music

218 West 72nd Street, b/w Broadway & West End Ave, 2nd Floor Walk-up, Ring buzzer #2FW. 16 steps up to 2nd floor. Folding strollers best, please. 

Locations, schedules & instructors are subject to change. Class placement is very important. Please use the guidelines under the class descriptions when signing up initially. Placement decisions are made on an individual basis and are at the sole discretion of the director. If you have any questions about class placement, please email Miss Bailay or call (212) 726-2362.