Classical Heroes of the Ballet – all Boys Classes! Ages 5–12


Classical Heroes is a unique all-boys dance program created for ages 5-12 where the fantastical world of superheroes in fairytales, literature, folklore, and our own imaginations collide with the physicality, theatricality, and technical prowess of the male dancer.

Students steadily progress through Levels I, II, & III using creative movement, improvisation, and ballet training as tools to open up new worlds filled with wonder, adventure, creativity, exploration, discovery, curiosity, and wisdom.

My son loves dance, but by age 4, he no longer wanted to be in a room full of girls dressed in pink. Miss Bailay has created a truly wonderful all-boys class that combines imaginative story-telling with formal ballet technique. Every week, I see my son’s face light up with joy as he uses his body to express his imagination. Using costumes and props, the boys dance a story — one week they are wizards and the next week they are princes. They also learn the basics of ballet. The class is rigorous yet playful. I don’t think there’s any class like this for boys anywhere else in New York City! - Nina

Currently no classes scheduled, but possible offerings at this LOCATION upon request:

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