parties featured in Mommy poppins!

parties featured in Mommy poppins!

Ballet parties may be arranged in your home, a studio or other site in the New York City area,
and are subject to availability. For more information, or to inquire about a reservation,
email Miss Bailay, or call (212) 726-2362.

Fantasy Ballet Birthday Party

The birthday child selects a favorite fairy tale. We bring the storybook, costumes, headpieces and props...and everyone dances the story! Children also dance a story adventure about a young unicorn, preceded by brief warm-ups, ballet hopscotch, & tall tiptoe walks. And, of course, everyone loves to fly like a butterfly and gallop like a pony!

lIL BO PEEP Birthday Party (AGES 2-6)

Lil Bo Peep’s Sheep love to play hide-and-seek with her! Surprise! They wake her up from her nap so they can all dance together! What fun! The Sheep like to dance around on their own, and Lil Bo Peep enjoys their lively dances. She beckons them to come and twirl with her as each Sheep holds on tight to Lil Bo Peep’s staff. Off we go to the next hillside for more fun!

MERRY-GO-ROUND Ballet Birthday Party (AGES 2-6)

The children excitedly race through the park on their way to the Merry-Go-Round. Along the way, they meet a Flower Seller and a Kite Dancer. Meanwhile, the Merry-Go-Round Keeper is waiting for the children to arrive for the day’s Big Ride! First, he must prepare the Ponies on the Merry-Go-Round. Soon, all the eager children arrive and he invites them to a special ride on the Merry-Go-Round! When the ride has ended, each child pets their Special Pony with a “thank you” stroke and hug! What a merry day! Very special plush Ponies provided for the Merry-Go-Round ride! (excerpted from The Merry-Go-Round Ballet)

Classical Hero Parties

Classic Hero parties for boys feature classic stories and popular original tales like The High-5 Outer Space Odyssey and The Sorcerer's Turnover—all for adventurous fun.


A group of adventurous Boys dream of traveling to outer space. Once there, they meet an Alien who asks them about their earth-world. The Boys share stories of clowns, athletes, robots, and farmers as some examples of earth visitors. The Alien shares details of his life on another planet. The Boys and the Alien have a good time, but must say good-bye. Once back on earth, the Boys peer through their telescope and see the Alien and his Mother waving “hello, and thank you for your friendship which we’ll always treasure”! (excerpted from The High-5 Outer Space Odyssey Ballet)


Some Princes from distant lands are trying to win the opportunity to marry a Princess. The King declares they must bring back the Magic Rings of the Sorcerer before he can grant their wish to marry one of his daughters. While Sorcerer is very clever, sly, and magical, he is also vulnerable. The Princes find out his soft spot of vulnerability after confronting him in a swamp. The Sorcerer pleads for concession, and turns over the Magic Rings. The transformed Sorcerer even attends the wedding ceremonies of the winning Princes and their new Princess Brides! (excerpted from The Sorccer’s Turnover Ballet)

Yoga with dress-up

The party child and guests practice yoga poses fused seamlessly with movement and dancing. We celebrate our aliveness with songs, games, and stories. A Fairy Princess arrives to tell about a Lost Baby Unicorn’s mishap, and all our friends want to reunite the Lost Baby Unicorn with its mother! So all the friends dress-up as Fairies & Elves and, with the Fairy Princess leading the way, embark on this important rescue mission!

Dancing Snowflake Parties (AGES 13-17)

At Dancing Snowflake parties, tweens and teens are costumed in beautiful classic white tutus, and ballerina tiaras. Everyone will learn the beautiful of “Falling Snowflakes” dance. The poetic ending is so awesome as the dancers create a serene blanket of snow after a tumultuous snowstorm of swirling snowflakes!