Classical Young Dancer, Ages 7–12 and Degas’ Dancers, Ages 7-12


A beginner/elementary level and creative ballet class in which students learn the basics of ballet, correct posture, steps, and combinations emphasizing quality of movement. Using newly-learned ballet steps, dancers explore their own impulses in improvisation as well as choreography in original creative ballet vignettes.

For Classical Young Dancer, we’ll enjoy the great classical ballet stories in dress-up costumes while co-creating characters, choreography, and scenes in the grand tradition of ballet storytelling.

NEW! Degas’ Dancers, Ages 7—12

For Degas’ Dancers class, elements of visual art, ballet, choreography, costume arts, and drawing are combined and explored in this unique class! Students have the opportunity to create their own personal drawings of choreography for a collection in a beribboned FLIP Book! to keep as a memento! All costume and art supplies provided.

Odyssey of the Ballet Fairies, Ages 7-12

A highly creative intermediate level ballet class in which students learn the basics of ballet & correct posture as well as progressive ballet steps & combinations while focusing on quality of movement. Dancers utilize learned steps and combinations with a touch of mime while rehearsing creative ballet vignettes and original ballets through both choreography and improvisation. The great story ballet classics as well as stories about fairies generate themes for co-creating characters, choreography, and scenes with wonderful costumes and our very own magical prop used especially for this class - a whimsically ornate Fairy Trunk!

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