Budding Ballerina & Ballerino, Ages 2–3

Beginning dancers are given the freedom to create and be themselves while they explore movement, play, and dancing with others. Each week a different fairytale is read, and then reenacted through dance with costumes and props. Parents and caregivers are welcome to participate with the child.

Yoga Rainbow, Ages 2–6

Students study and practice yoga poses fused seamlessly with movement and dancing. We celebrate our aliveness with songs, games and stories. Through breathing, meditation, and deep relaxation, students can wind down and relax.

Parents and caregivers of the youngest yogis are most welcome to join all the fun. Here’s what a couple students had to say about relaxation time, a favorite part of yoga class: A 4-year old girl student, “I felt like I was laying in a hammock”.

NEW! Dance Together with Marcella Marshmella, Ages 2–6

*Come dance with Marcella Marshmella! She loves to make up all kinds of fun-filled, lively dance scenes with the petite dancers! Sometimes we are funny, sometimes we are silly, and sometimes we are very clever! Marcella Marshmella can be wacky, tacky, annoyed, frightened, and comforted too. She can get herself into predicaments, but her caring petite dancers always come to her rescue! Kids understand her through her dancing and pantomime episodes. We dance our way through many adventures together! Costumes provided.

Make-Believe Playhouse, Ages 3–6

*This is the perfect complement to preschool.

Dance & play together, solo, and with your teacher in a uniquely creative Playhouse session for very young dancers! Each week a different fairy tale is read, then danced and reenacted with wonderful costumes, headpieces, and props.

Make-Believe Playhouse Mornings are bookended with Play, Yoga, and Exploration Time for engaging activities. Before and after dance class, children play and explore either Solo, in a Group, or with the teacher.

Playhouse Mornings offer a huge selection of playthings from Puzzles to Dolls, Puppets, Toy Castles, Toy Theaters, Scenery, and also Arts-'n-Crafts to make Pictures, Crowns, Wands, and more! Kids choose their Projects and Activities of Delight!

What a Magical Morning of Fairy Tales, Play, Yoga, Discovery, & Make-Believe!

All costumes and supplies provided.


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