The Queen Bee Ballet

The Queen Bee Ballet takes place on Halloween Eve when the Pumpkin Fairies all gather inside a Jack-o’-Lantern to celebrate the occasion. After the Fairie Queen arrives, she tells the fairies about the plight of the bumblebees: many are sick and can no longer pollinate the pumpkin flowers. If this continues, we may not have any more pumpkins around. Well, being Pumpkin Fairies, everyone is dismayed!

The Fairie Queen then introduces one ailing bumblebee. She calls for outside help from an entomologist and a veterinarian. While these professionals can describe the ailment of the sick bumblebee, they cannot prescribe a remedy. But with fairy intervention, the Pumpkin Fairies alone turn the plight of the bumblebee into the flight of the bumblebee! The delicate balance of nature is restored, and the bumblebees will be saved, as will the future of all pumpkin flowers, and the pumpkins, and the Jack-o’-Lanterns, and the entire Halloween every year for that matter! As for the adorable, little bumblebee, well, the Pumpkin Fairies crown her “Queen Bee!”