Nutcracker Petite Suite

Petite Angels in the Kingdom of Sweets dance and greet their Queen of the Kingdom, the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy. Soon after, Clara arrives to meet them all. She tells them all about the battle in her living room between the mice and the soldiers and how she rescued her beloved new Nutcracker from the dreadful Mouse King. After congratulating Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy invites her to rest from her long journey and seats her on a throne. From there she can enjoy many different petite dancers who perform, like, the petite Chinese, petite Bon-bons, petite Spanish, petite Trepak, and even dancing ensembles of waltzing flowers and reed flutes. The beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy also dances and performs an exquisite solo to some delicate musical notes. Soon it’s getting late, and Clara must bid farewell to them all.

After leaving the Kingdom of Sweets, she encounters a whirling snowstorm and even meets a dazzling Snow Princess who presents Clara with a full-length blue satin robe trimmed in white fur to wear on her final journey home. When Clara awakes the next morning, she remembers all the exciting places and charming characters from the night before. She loved all the beautiful dancers and her favorite dancers were the suite of petite dancers who were all so, very, very sweet!